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"This is compact system for conveying the milled stock to different feeds of  planshifters and/or other machines as required .

This system comprises of the followings:                                                                       

  • Receiving hoppers ( Feeders)
  • Lift Seamless / ERW Pipes of required dia with wall  thickness of app. 3.5mm to 4.5 mm.
  • Lift bends with smooth radius as required mainly of  1000 mm made of the same pipe as of life pipe.
  • Small pneumatic cyclones ( Soild & Air separator) All metal fabricated designed to match with the air  volume coming to the cyclone and to give effect  proper separation function by way of pressure drop  inside. These cyclones are fitted with butterfly systems to control and adjust the air volume as per requirement in each flow.
  • Air locks (beneth the above small pneumo  cyclones) to allow to pass solids but sealing the air.
  • Manifold (Air duct line) made of MS Sheet with flanges to be connected with individual life pipes and designed in a manner to cater the required volume of air to each small pneumo cyclones over the feed of planshifter for conveying of required  mass of stock."
  • High Pressure Centrifugal Fan for the require air volume with required pressure and at a desired velocity. The offered  Fan is of 800 CMH air volume with 970 mm WG pressure and with a velocity of 28 m/s. The Fan is attached with a damper consisting of the control valve for controlling the air volume in the air duct line.
  •  Jet Filter collector for collecting the dust received through the said HP Fan which is not collected by the small cyclones or which comes with the air to take the same in process for evading the yield loss.
  • The Jet filter offered is designed and made in a manner  to match with the outflow of the HP Fan.      



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